RJ Urmson are proud to announce that a number of our engineers have been certified as Authorised Person HVAC HTM 03-01 and Authorising Engineers (Ventilation) by Eastwood Park Training Centre, an approved City Guilds training provider. This certification will give RJ Urmson a greater understanding and compliance with legislation included in the new HTM-03 and improved communication between project engineers, managers and maintenance contractors.

Our Authorised Person HVAC HTM 03-01 and Authorising Engineers (Ventilation) engineers are competent at:

  • Applying the main applications for ventilation in healthcare premises
  • Applying management responsibilities in relation to ventilation and air-conditioning in accordance of the defined Authorised Person role
  • Describing how ventilation systems can be used to minimise health associated infections
  • Using sources of guidance associated with the safe and efficient operation of plant components
  • Applying the main requirements of operating theatre ventilation and other specialist ventilation systems and understand their relevance to the health of patients and staff in accordance with HTM and HBN guidance
  • Measuring airflow and humidity in ducts and at air terminal devices, using a variety of instruments to maintain and operate complex healthcare ventilation systems
  • Demonstrating proportional balancing of a simple and complex ventilation systems
  • Identifying essential components of an air-conditioning system typically used in healthcare premises

Rob Urmson, managing director of RJ Urmson said:

“The main benefits to our healthcare and NHS customers are that they can appoint RJ Urmson as Authorising Engineers (Ventilation) and have the confidence that our engineers are fully compliant with the new procedures incorporated in the recently published HTM-03 legislation and improved documentation, communication and enforcement of appropriate working procedures”

Published On: October 19th, 2018 / Categories: RJ Urmson Group /