The Building Safety Act was granted on 28 April 2022 and has made a major shift in the responsibility of building owners in relation to fire safety.
All building owners now have a legal responsibility to comply with this new law, which has made ground-breaking reforms and changes, giving residents and homeowners more rights, powers, and protection – making homes across the country safer.

Several important aspects of the built environment have changed because of this act, including fire-safety costs, with a thread of responsibility all the way back to the manufacturer. The aim of this new act is to prevent and eradicate the repeat of errors that led to the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017.
As the Building Safety Act overhauls existing regulations, it creates lasting change, making it clear how residential buildings should be constructed, maintained, and even more importantly made safe.

  • As part of the Act three new bodies will provide effective oversight of the new regime:
  • The Building Safety Regulator
  • The National Regulator of Construction Products
  • The New Homes Ombudsman

Together these changes will enforce the Act meaning owners will manage their buildings better, and the home-building industry has the clear, proportionate framework it needs to deliver more, and better, high-quality homes.

For further information on the Building Safety Act visit the Government website – The Building Safety Act – GOV.UK (

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