At National Hygiene Services Limited we are experience in acid descaling treatment and chemical cleaning techniques for industrial and commercial heating and cooling machinery and equipment

Acid descaling treatment is used to increase efficiency, it is estimated that 1.5mm of scale in a hot water cylinder will reduce efficiency by up to 15%. Removal of scale (and more importantly prevention of scale through ion exchange water softening) will reduce utility bills, increase performance and have a positive environmental impact.

For more information on chemical cleaning visit our Pre-Commissioning Chemical Cleaning service page.

Acid descaling treatment

Our engineers are not only fully trained and experienced in all aspects of acid descaling services for boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and hot water calorifiers, but also in ensuring the safety of everyone whilst treatment is carried out. All engineers carry the CSCS passport to safety and are all enhanced DBS checked to ensure confidence when working on site and in areas with vulnerable people

Our acid descaling treatment service includes:

  • Drain down and inspection (where required and possible)

  • Acid descaling of system component

  • Neutralising and flushing of acid

  • Flushing of system component

  • Return online and full working service check

Our collaborative and proactive approach drives efficiency, cost savings and offers our clients peace of mind. We are committed to continuous improvement, through innovation and investment in our personnel, methodologies and equipment.

We offer extremely competitive rates and daytime, evenings or weekends to offer minimal disturbance to our customers.

Quality Guarantee

Quality is paramount in what we do. Our engineers carry out all works to BSRIA, CIBSE, BSI and ACoP L8 HSE guidelines

Why choose us?

Over 30 years of satisfied customers, bespoke service suited to your requirements, national coverage, fully insured and nationally accredited Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

Our values

We have three core values that inform our behaviour and approach to work: to Excel, Challenge and Inspire

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