Whatever your water treatment requirements are – maintenance, survey, testing and treatment of commercial and domestic water systems including chlorination, pre commissioning chemical cleaning and legionella risk assessments – contact us on 01257 262 683 to see how we can assist you or click below for further details:

Pre-commissioning Chemical Cleaning

All newly installed closed systems, chilled water and condenser water circuits should be pre-commission cleaned in line with BSRIA BG 29/2012 to remove soluble contaminants, installation debris, corrosion, scale and biological fouling

Chemical Dosing Treatment

Without treatment a water system will be put at risk from soluble contaminants, dirt, debris, corrosion, scale and biological fouling. Our chemical dosing treatment will help with the running and protection of the water systems

Closed Water System

Closed water systems are subject to corrosion, scaling, sludge formation and bio-fouling all of which can result in problems such as system lack of performance, reduced economy and increased maintenance and repair costs

Cold Water Storage Tanks

Our cold water storage tank services are carried out by our certified engineers to ensure CWST’s are in good working order and meet the required standards set out in ACoP L8 HSE guidelines and BS 8558 and PD 855468 regulations

Domestic Water Systems

Our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of commercial and domestic water treatment and bacterial control, from disinfection and filtration to the control of legionella as required by the current legislation

Legionella Risk Assessments

We offer a complete legionella risk assessment service giving full peace of mind. One of our qualified risk assessors will visit your site to carry out a thorough investigation of your water system and undergo a comprehensive site survey

TMV Testing

It’s a requirement that all TMVs are fail checked regularly to ensure they are still achieving the desired temperature. A full service will be required if the temperature control fluctuates more than 2 degrees from the original setting

Domestic Systems Disinfection

Water disinfection is the process of adding suitable chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite to domestic water systems. In particular, chlorination is used to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid

Side Stream Filtration Treatment

Recirculating heating or cooling water systems frequently suffer from a build-up of solids and sludge. Our side stream filtration treatment – carried out to BS 8552:2012 and BG 50/2013 standards – will ensure filters are maintained


Our other 3 companies within the RJ Urmson Group are:

RJ Urmson Commissioning Engineers Limited
Core business activities are testing, cleaning, survey, installation, maintenance and service, and verification of ventilation systems and operating theatres

Urmson LLP
Core business activities are commissioning, survey, monitoring, independent witnessing testing and validation of HVAC, water systems including seasonal commissioning

RJ Urmson Fire Specialists Limited
Core business activities are maintenance and service, survey, testing of fire systems including fire damper testing, fire compartmentation surveys and fire door inspections


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