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Pharmacy aseptic units are used to prepare treatments in an environment that is free from bacteria. Products are prepared within a pharmaceutical isolator which has its own sterile airflow. They vary in size and complexity, and are used extensively in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device and life sciences, as well as critical process manufacturing common in aerospace, optics, military and Department of Energy.

We are not associated with any manufacturers or suppliers of equipment. We can provide a completely unbiased report on the performance achieved, and are also able to service multiple systems from multiple suppliers in the same visit. Ensuring regular maintenance and conducting preventative maintenance will reduce the incidence of plant failure and production downtime, keeping your operations running smoothly

Our engineers are fully trained in cleanroom maintenance and have a sound understanding of the requirements of BS EN 12469 and GMP. All instruments used in testing are calibrated to national standards and copies of certification are supplied with reports

Our aseptic unit verification includes:

  • Supply and extract air change rates

  • Room pressure differentials

  • Light level test

  • Sound level test

  • Room schematic

  • Duct traverse reading

  • HTM 03-01 AHU inspection

  • HTM 03-01 suite inspection

  • Clean inverter housing and inflow filter

  • Clean control panel housing and inflow filter

  • Record inverter settings

  • Particle counts to relevant room ISO classification / grading

  • Filter integrity testing (DOP) of HEPA filters fitted

  • Full written report with conclusions and recommendations

Our collaborative and proactive approach drives efficiency, cost savings and offers our clients peace of mind. We are committed to continuous improvement, through innovation and investment in our personnel, methodologies and equipment.

We offer extremely competitive rates and daytime or evenings to offer minimal disturbance to our customers.

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Quality is paramount in what we do. Our engineers carry out all ventilation services to meet the requirements of industry set regulations and guidelines

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