Fact: 11,527 miles of ductwork cleaned and counting

If regular ventilation ductwork cleaning and extraction canopy cleaning is not undertaken, greasy deposits left in the ducts will attract fibrous build-ups as time progresses. The air flow efficiency can be seriously impaired by deposits, which leads to a greater use of energy and create a hazard to health and fire risk. Failure to carry out regular duct cleaning could invalidate buildings insurance cover.

Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning

We use a variety of extraction devices, along with specialised mechanical air brushes, air jets and manual methods. Where existing ducts have insufficient access to enable cleaning, we can install doors to facilitate regular inspection and maintenance. All our engineers are fully trained to TR19 and BS EN 15780 standards

Our ventilation ductwork cleaning service includes:

  • Report on ductwork accessibility and if access doors were installed (if required)

  • Clearance of all debris, dust and particles present

  • Photograph evidence of access door fitted (if applicable), ductwork before and after cleaning, and inaccessibility issues

  • Report on any defects found, remedial works required and responsible party

  • Remedial work based upon the report can be undertaken

Our collaborative and proactive approach drives efficiency, cost savings and offers our clients peace of mind. We are committed to continuous improvement, through innovation and investment in our personnel, methodologies and equipment.

We offer extremely competitive rates and daytime, evenings or weekends to offer minimal disturbance to our customers.

Quality Guarantee

Quality is paramount in what we do. Our engineers carry out all ventilation services to meet the requirements of industry set regulations and guidelines

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Over 30 years of satisfied customers, bespoke service suited to your requirements, national coverage, fully insured and nationally accredited Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

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We have three core values that inform our behaviour and approach to work: to Excel, Challenge and Inspire

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