Downflow containment booths are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry to safeguard operators against harmful dusts generated during many manual powder handling operations. Clean air from the ceiling plenum is distributed evenly across the whole of the work area pushing any respirable dust generated downward and away from the operators breathing zone. Other common terminology for operations within a containment booth are; subdivision, kitting. sampling, dispensing, weighing and batching.

We perform a series of tests to determine what air classification should be achieved by a downflow containment booth operating in an unclassified area to meet the appropriate ISO (ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 8) requirements. Our engineers are fully trained in the testing of a variety of containment booths in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, cosmetics, and food industries

Our containment booth testing includes:

  • Air quality sample test

  • Supply and extract air change rates

  • Room pressure differentials

  • Light level test

  • Sound level test

  • Room schematic

  • Duct traverse reading

  • Particle counts to relevant room ISO classification / grading

  • Filter integrity testing (DOP) of HEPA filters fitted

  • Full written report with conclusions and recommendations

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